A Blog Tour is one of the most cost-effective campaigns for authors and publishers.

A blog tour is basically a virtual book signing, a meet and greet of sorts with an established group of individuals. Rather than taking the time and cash to make a physical tour of bookstores, many writers now appear on blogs throughout the world.

Book Plug Promotions works with each client every step of the way. We design the client's tour, contact the blog hosts, schedule the posting dates, send out the Media Kit, organize the delivery of product to be reviewed, send confirmations to each blog host, follow-up on reviews posted to book review sites, and promote the tours on our company website and social media sites.  Book Plug Promotions organizes everything.  The author will advise Book Plug Promotions what material they want to be provided during the tour.

Tour stops will be a combination of reviews and promotional posts that make the tour interesting and hopefully encourage readers to purchase the books to read.

Typically a blog tour has a giveaway and that helps draw readers to participate.  Usually the author/publisher will offer a certain number of eBooks, signed paperbacks, swag, book plates, etc.  Giveaways vary from tour to tour depending on what the author wants to offer as the prizes.