Book Plug Promotions offers a wide range of services which include but are not limited to:

  • Social and digital media outreach;  
  • Scheduling of reviews, author interviews, character interviews, guest posts/spotlights, and bonus scenes;
  • Arrange giveaways with book blogs (at author's expense)
  • Pre-Release Campaign
  • Campaign scheduling of Cover Reveals, Release Launches, Blog Tours, Book Blitz advertising and Blog Take Overs;
  • Personalized Promotion Plan for optimum exposure;
  • Creating promotional materials for social media for all promotions and/or events;
  • Assist with social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, TSU, and Goodreads);
  • Available to assist at events such as signings, release parties, appearances, etc. (at author’s expense);
  • Help coordinate Author signings and promote event prior to the signing;
  • Distribution of ARCs (All ARCs are forwarded directly to the bloggers' kindle device, unless otherwise instructed by the author.) 

Publicist Pricing:

Book Plug Promotions offers two options for promotional assistance; hourly or monthly contracts.
  • Hourly rate contract option: Author advises how many hours they wish to contract for work. No minimum requirements. 
  • Monthly contract option: There is a minimum of 20 hours of work a month on my part.  The author will determine if Book Plug Promotions will work more than the minimum 20 hours.  If the author is satisfied with Book Plug Promotions and agrees to commit to a minimum of a three (3) months contract, the hourly rate will be decreased per hour. 
** Professional fees for PR service will be discussed and set in advance based on required services.  Please contact Book Plug Promotion directly to discuss pricing. **