1.  Tour Management
  • Features 1-100 blogs*
  • Sending invite to blogs
  • Managing tour dates and how blogs will be participating
  • Sending out a reminder two days prior to the tour to all participants
2.  Creation of Media Kit
  • A Media Kit will be provided, which consists of the following: book blurb, cover, purchasing links, exclusive book excerpts, author bio, character interview, social media links, as well as other promotional materials provided by the client. (Example - Book Trailer, Cast Photos)
  • Blogs will be provided with both a pre made HTML post and Word doc with all required information to be posted.
  • Distribution of ARC (if provided by author)
3.  Graphics
  • Book Plug Promotions will provide a customized Blog Tour Banner.
4.   Promoting Tour
  • Social media promotions to direct readers to each stop, appropriate websites, and book buying sites
  • A Blog Tour post on Book Plug Promotions' website, Facebook Page, and Twitter
5.   Giveaway (optional)
  • A giveaway is optional, but recommended.
  • Book Plug Promotion will manage the Blog Tour giveaway (provided by the client)
  • Book Plug Promotions will create the Rafflecopter event. 
  • The Giveaway will last the duration of the blog tour.
  • We will draw all winners and provide their information to the client/author in a spreadsheet.  
  • The purchase and distribution of the giveaway prizes are the author’s sole responsibility.  This can be anything from a signed paperback, eBook, gift card, swag, or even a kindle.  Anything you would like to giveaway, would be accepted.  Be creative! 

One Week Tour: starting at $100.00*   
ONE WEEK                                                   
1 - 100 blogs ==> $100                                   
101 - 200 blogs ==> $150
Two Week Tour: starting at $150.00
1 - 100 blogs ==> $150
101 - 200 blogs ==> $200

*Price varies upon how many blogs sign up for the tour.  The client will provide the amount of blogs they wish to participate.